Crystal Cream - Limited Edition

Crystal Cream - Limited Edition


This luxurious leather-textured white box set contains the crystal cream, a highly firming and restorative day and night cream, and crystal eye cream, an eye contour cream that restores firmness and vitality to this very delicate area of the face. In addition, the crystal cream limited edition box set includes an ion stimulator that helps improve microcirculation in the eye contour area, which is particularly fragile and delicate. Its use, before the application of crystal eye cream, increases the skin’s permeability and enhances the absorption of active ingredients, which help to smooth expression lines and wrinkles.

The most notable active ingredients are snow algae powder liposomes, whose action increases cellular longevity, counteracting the effects of the passage of time.

They also contain a peptide complex that acts on the mechanism of wrinkle formation, resulting in a decrease in both their depth and number, and a selection of interferential pigments, which are able to diffuse the light, softening wrinkles and achieving a tone that is uniform and luminous.

Set contains:
Crystal Cream: 50ml
Crystal Eyecream: 15ml
Ionic Stimulator

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